The Presidential Primary’s Crazyness

I wanted to know what people think about the crazyness of this years Presidential Primaries?

I was listening to my ole buddy Rush Limbaug and have been wondering what is going on with the Country. I would like to express my opinion about the current President Obama and how he is ruining our Country as our lifestyles are being affected.

  1. The people on Welfare has grown since Obama has taken office.
  2. He says that the “job unemployment rate” is at a low, but doesn’t take into effect that a lot of the people who have not been able to find employment as in the status they were before they were laid off is enormous! I know of people who have just taken any job to have an income since their unemployment ran out after 6 months and there is no extensions are making less than half of what they used to have.
  3. Many people in my circles will not go on government assistance because it is beneath them, they would rather work 2 jobs, not see their families than take the government handouts that is so freely taken by the lower class who voted for our current so called president.
  4. Where people complain there is no jobs they are just lazy and would rather sell drugs and themselves have kids and women on welfare as thats all they know. Always looking for the next handout by the government.

I could go on and on but I won’t because I wanted to know what others think out the primaries and I think the Trumpster or Lying Ted are better than anything we have today! The thought of what our country was like 10 years ago and our economy was going to the wolves is nothing compared to the President making “FRIENDS” with stupid & dumbass Communists, giving the money to the baby, mommy & Killers of IRAN Government and any other of the Biggest Mistakes our “Communist Loving President” “Can’t say the word Terrorist”.

Changes to our Country

With all the changes going on to our the county, we must take a stand with each other.

As the world is in crisis with so many problems with terrorist, we must as United States citizens, stand together and keep a vigiliant eye against all our neighbors and report any type of suspicious  behavor. We will not be silenced nor taken down by any terrorist. If they are Jihadist or even Isis we must change the way we think about our own safety. Be a little more vigiliant with your surroundings and what goes on. Remember even natural born Americans can be a terrorist. Stand up with your right to bear arms and make sure you are well trained and equipped if the sh*t hits in your particular part of the the Country.

Americans are not weak, we will stand up and fight if need be. Take a stand, be proud, be American, God Bless and may peace be with everyone.

Spark a change for a party bus night out with the girlfriends

Sparking a change with a girlfriends night out with a party bus driver.

Yard where limo will pick you up

Limo driver will pick you up from your residence anywhere in Houston

The next time you plan on having a night out with the girls, why not take a Party Bus, chauffuers who will drive you around all night and you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving.

While you and your friends make plans for a friday night out it is a good idea to rent a party bus, I found that they are more economical as far as having to pile in a bunch of cars and someone from each car having to take a night out and be the designated driver. Booh that is not much fun if your trying to having a Friday night out bar hopping or even an evening of wine tasting. Since you are the one that has to be the designated driver you won’t get to join in all the festivities because you have to drive everyone home.


So think about it, trying to make sure you stay sober or just having fun with the party bus limo driver picking everyone up and taking you around town and then they will just take you home after your night is over. Sounds like lots more fun when you take a party bus out to party.

When someone is having to miss out on all the fun and stay sober why not rent a party bus or stretch limo for everyone, it really is not too expensive to rent you can even have everyone pitch in for the ride. You can usually call the limo company to see if there are any specials available for the night out you have in mind. Sometimes they are not very busy and may make you a deal you can’t refuse.

Next time out with 2 or even 12 guests remember to check out a listing for a party bus in your City and don’t be surprised if they offer you a discount special even without asking.



Sparking a New Ride

I’m thinking of sparking a new ride for the holidays instead of a cab.


Now is the time to think about the holidays and what I’m going to do instead of driving after I have had a few cocktails. I usually take a taxi or trolly but I am always wonder what I can try that is new.

When I was in the city of Houston I saw many different ways of getting around. That city is just so big and traffic is awful, even though I did take a cab I am thinking about taking some kind of limo ride. If I am with my friends of a night out of bar-hopping or just site seeing during the day. It would be fun to rent a limo and not have to worry about my transportation around to my parties. Limos are not just for the rich anymore, they can be economical in the long run. A taxi ride from the airport was over $85 since we were stuck in traffic that meter keeps on going. I had a friend take a limo from the airport and her ride was only $60 because it was a set rate. I’m thinking that wasn’t right.

Well I am going to spark a change now to checking out renting a limousine next time I’m going on a night out with my girlfriends. I will take it into account that we can all split the cost of the limo and it should be fun, even more if we can drink and not worry about driving afterwords…..

Spark A Change in your Landscaping

Why not start to spark a change in your home or business landscaping design?

Since the beginning of time the act of sparking a change in someones life is phenominal. When a person wants and desires to make a change they will have to want to make the change. If somebody wants to make sure that the change is a permanment one it needs to be made into a solid change, not just being done once and think this is a change. You never want to have a nice day and then go back on your change. We can start by going outside and taking a look at your yard, hum your yard needs a makeover a brand new landscape design!


landscaped yard

Make a change to your home or business landscaping.

Take for instance changing of someones yard that surrounds them everyday when the come home. If you want to make a change in your yard you will need to assess what the object is that you want to be done. If you have a solid yellow lawn that is not a good sign, unless thats what you want. Nearly 99% of people dont want dead yellow grass in the yard of their home or even their business. What if you live somewhere there is lots of rain or not any rain very often. I want to change what my yard is looking like then I will just hire a company that does luxury landscaping designs.

Depending on what you want your yard to look like, it will take some planning & design to have a cohesive layout of the materials, plants and trees worked into the picture you will approve. The landscaper should take your ideas into account, because it will be you that will have to be living with the final product.

The cost of this a new type of yardscape will be a little pricey but if you want your spark of change to come from the surroundings of your yard then I would be hiring the landscaping company that has a great if not exemplary reputation. But you answer? Where would I find an excellent landscaper in Southeast Texas? Many times you can just look them up on Google, but I would rather go by someone’s reputation in the marketplace.

Taking a look at your yard now? Well then you will need to hire a company that will do everything possible to make sure your yard is going to be an envy of the neighborhood and that will need to have as little maintenance as possible especially if you have a purple not a green thumb. You can close your eyes and see the change now. Get about it and spark that change to your new lawn.